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Ohhhhhh! Animation! :D Well then... *cracks knuckles* Well the animated parts are relativity smooth, and the colors work just fine. Othe...



That's a sec~ret!
I like Pancakes!

Current Residence: Over the hill and through the rabit hole...
Favourite genre of music: Alternitive Rock, wierd stuff
Favourite photographer: Tomitake Jiro
Favourite style of art: Animation
Operating System: F***ing Vista
Wallpaper of choice: Blue
Skin of choice: Blue
Favourite cartoon character: Yellow (Pokmon Specail)
Personal Quote: Heh heh heh...
So, yeah, summer break... almost here for me...  In any case, I might be more active, now, but I don't know, guess will just have to wait and see...

But either way, I doubt I'll be submitting anything anytime soon, well the laptop I work on is kind of broken, onto of that my scanner's just being stupid so if I do upload anything, I'll probably have to use a camera...  

But that may just be fine after all.  See, I have plans for a project over the summer: I'm going to attempt to make every single mask form Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.  
See I had this Idea for a fun cosplay: Deku-Link.  Then that turned into Deku-Link with Young Link underneath with Deku Mask, which turned into a giant project of making all the mask to go with it.  Then I told a friend of mine, and she got excited and said that if I did that, she'd dress up as the Happy-Mask-Salesman.  Then I saw a really good Deku-Link cosplay, and kind of lost interest in the whole Deku-Link costume which made me so happy, and yet so sad (cause I wanted to do that.) at the same time.  (Not that it's completely out of question, but now my focus will be more on making the mask...)
The toughest one I think though will be the Great Fairy Mask.  Got to find a way to rig it so the hair looks all flow-y like in the game...  I plan to work on the wearable mask first, then Boss Remains, then the Happy-Mask-Salesmen then OoT's then Non wearable Mask, then if I still have time, ones that don't apear in either of those games, maybe even a couple of original ones.

I guess on that note I should mention, I recently got into the Legend of Zelda games thanks to Nintendo's 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time.  And for the record I did not name my self Zelda, then again I've never been prone to using default names so I didn't use Link either.  (Well now I do, cause it's awkward other wise for me at least...)  Since then I've played Ocarina of time for the 3DS (duh) Majora's Mask on the N64 (which I had already, got a lot farther too) The first two original LoZ games, Minish Cap, Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.  By the way, I've also decided that from now on, when ever I play a Legend of Zelda game I will name myself "Zelda" in the game.  Why?  Because I can!  :bwahaha:  And rabid fans are pissing me off.  I'm telling you, would have lost faith in humanity if I had any left to begin with.  
Well, I may as well say it...  (By the way, you can skip to the next paragragh if you don't want to hear/read my whining about stupid stuff)  Ok, it's like this: I was on a major LoZ site when I saw an artical called "10 Stupid things about skyward Sword" which led to another "10 Things Stupidly Wrong with Skyward Sword", well, the artical its self wasn't the problem, the replies on the previous site are.  The one who posted it on the site even said: hey, before you start trolling it, give it a look, it has some good points.  I wasn't going to bother reading the original at first because, I didn't care, (well, not that I didn't care but I just heard of it not to long ago and I took one look at the picture that went artical; a screen shot, and just said; "Ew, no") but I thought I'd read the comments on it, and they were, well the first few weren't so bad, but after they were just grotesque with stupidity.  So I read the original, and it was really well written, but after that one thing was certain, a majority of the people who posted on the Zelda fan-site hadn't even bothered with reading it them selves.  And they went on and on literally for pages whining about what a horrible person the writer was for stating his opinion with out having read the piece like Legend of Zelda was an infallible series that could do no wrong.  The funiest ones were the ones that went on about accusing him saying things like "he's not a real fan" or "this is just an exampled of some one with a bias who's never played the other LoZ" because if they had read the artical they'd have known that not only was this guy a fan but some one who's stuck with the series from the beginning, he even says at the beginning that .  Ugh, fandoms... they piss me off sometimes...  You know, I think being a fan is being able to not only enjoy your fandom but to also be able to find fault with it, but continue to love it anyways.  in the words of Endrance in .hack//GU vol. 2 "To love some one... is not to shut ones eyes to the other, nor block ones ears from the truth... to love one another... is to walk through life together...  Open your eyes, open your ears... Look at each other and together seek the best path for both of you."  Ok, that more or less is referring to two people, but I just can't find better words that work nearly as well.  But whatever, my case is that if you love a game enough you can find quirks with it.  I find them all the time in my favorite games; Pokemon, .hack, any game made by CC2, and so on.  (you can skip to the astrik mark* if you don't really care about my complaints about Pokemon, it's not really relevant to my point, just the fact that it's there)  Let's take Pokemon for instance, Red and Blue: Graphics sucked, though for the time it was fine, still the stairs... it lacked a plot for being a(n?) RPG or clear reason, and they did that whole two games forcing you to buy them both if you wanted to catch them all.  Yellow: exactly the same as RB but with more Pikachu. FireRed and LeafGreen: same as RB but less shitty grafics, Sevii Islands could have been much more.  Gold and Silver: All they did was ad color and the graphics didn't get that much better, they kind of put in more plot and they do give you a clear reason for going out, but there isn't that much more of a plot, still has the whole two games for the price of one thing.  Crystal: Sadly best third version of the Pokemon games, (Please prove me wrong Black 2 and White 2!) but why do I have to beat the Elite Four catch all three dogs to get Ho-oh now?  Heart Gold and Soul Silver: not close enough to the original, now your forced to battle and/or catch the mascot legendary in order to "beat" the game, shouldn't have brought back Viridian Forest it was unnecessary.  Ruby and Sapphire: Where the time of day in GSC go? and the animations in Crystal go? Stupid evil teams, lame rival(s?), (Silver may have been a bad trainer, but at-least he had character and you could call him a rival, I can't even think of Brendan or May as serious rivals, Wally was more of a rival then they were...), Forces you to catch Mascot legends, and makes the other Legends ridiculously difficult to get to.  Emerald: biggest let down ever, when they announced that there'd be Pokemon sprite animations for the first time since Crystal I was so happy, but they turned out to be crap, two frames and then some stupid effects...  Diamond and Pearl: Second biggest let down in a Pokemon game with the return of night and day, it was more of an aesthetic change now, there was no point to night except certain Pokemon either wouldn't appear at all or they be less likely to appear, and more often the later, no many Pokemon only appeared at night, it was just there, rival, though kind of a step up to the RS, to the fact that he acts more like rival and to the point that he actually has a  well rounded, six Pokemon team, but he's still too nice, and they went back to making it a one game for the price of two, though Ruby and Sapphire had it at least they made the villainous team different even if they did mirror each other almost exactly.  Platinum: Name doesn't really fit and also isn't a color-platinum is a element and while Gold and Silver seem to have nothing in-common with each other, I can see them in terms of as an award, but platinum really doesn't make sence, ok maybe in terms of music you can have a Platinum Record or a Diamond Record, but as far as I know there's no pearl record..., oh, and the one major change, the Distortion World can only be entered once, and the that's it you can't go back, that's mean...  Black and White: Pokemon designs suck, it took either references to other things and a fan-made comic for me to even find any of them tolerable (ok, maybe Smugleaf and Oshawott's evolutions were cool but until the whole Excalibur reference came about all the starters the basic forms looked dumb, well maybe not Oshawott, that one just creeps me out...) Oshawott is just creepy, it's head looks like it's detachable, makes me want to kick it too...  and don't even get me started on the .hack series*   See, as much as I love these games I can find fault in all of them, but it's only cause I really like them that I can.  My point being LoZ fans are crazy...  You know what else?  That article actually made want the game.  and I lost my train of thought....  Did I mention Phi's a bitch?

Well, speaking of Pokemon, Black 2 and White 2 should be coming out soon...  You know, at first, when they revealed the names, I thought "Oh, cra-" but now as more details on the game its self are being revealed I'm actually looking forward to it, even more so then the first games...  Name's still stupid, then again every one expected it to be called "Grey" this was kind of like an F U to everyone.  Heh heh...

To do list:

Make some-
-Original Characters Designs



Fan-tart: *Just a list in case I get artist block-Might not draw any

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mask(?)
()Deku Mask
()Goran Mask
()Zora Mask
()Great Fairy's Mask
()Bremen Mask
()Blast Mask
()Bunny Hood
()Kamaro's Mask
()Mask of Scents
()All-Night Mask
()Captin's Hat
()Circus Leader's Mask
()Couple's Mask
()Don Gero's Mask
()Garo's Mask
()Giant's Mask
()Gibdo Mask
()Kafai's Mask
()Keaton Mask
()Mask of Truth
()Postman's Hat
()Romani's Mask
()Stone Mask
()Fierce Deity's Mask
Boss Remains:
Unobtainable Mask:
()Majora's Mask
()Moon's Mask
()Sun's Mask
Happy-Mask-Salesman's Mask: (These are my names for them)
()Mario Mask
()Screeming Mask 8<
()Screeming Stone Mask
()Crab Mask
()Sad Elvis Mask
()Evil Grin Mask (kinda looks like 2D of the Gorillaz...)
()Melted Face Mask
() Wrestler's Mask
()Evil Bird King/Mummy Mask
-Ocarina of time Mask-
()Gerudo Mask
()Spooky Mask
()Skull Mask

-other possible Mask-
()Fused Shadow(TP)
()Hero's Charm(WW)
()Doggy Mask(OoA)
Possible Original



Request info:…

  • Listening to: The sound of a fan
  • Reading: Pokemon Adventures
  • Watching: Future Diary
  • Playing: Pokemon Emerald
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: Water


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